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If you couldn’t watch Little shredded pill on Broadway, the musical based on Alanis Morissettefrom the groundbreaking album, you can now enjoy the gripping story in book form. The two-time Tony Award-winning musical is now a young adult novel.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody, who co-wrote the musical with Alanis, told ABC Audio that “it was just a pleasure” to make it a YA novel. “This is definitely new territory for me,” she added. Cody, along with Alanis, teamed up with the author Eric Smith to “expand these characters’ worlds” and flesh them out even more.

Smith says it was “extremely exciting” to work with Alanis and Cody, adding that the latter told her to “take more risks” with the story. “I printed this [email],” he’s laughing.

The author said Little shredded pill, the musical, resonated with him. One of the reasons is that one of the protagonists is “a transracial adoptee”, just like him, and the other being Alanis’ 1995 album which had a strong impact on him.

Alanis’ album had “this huge emotional swell of wanting to be heard and wanting people to listen to you and pay attention to you,” Smith explained, adding, “The musical brings that to the stage.”

Now that Little shredded pill went from musical to YA novel, what’s next?

“The book kind of inspires me to think about the possibilities of the screen… Now I’m wondering, well, what else can we do?” Cody teased.

As for Smith, he hopes Little shredded pillThe success story of inspires more artists to create their own musicals. “I would like to see a Ben bends musical jukebox,” he offered. ” I think Melissa Etheridge could do the same because his songs are full of nostalgia.”

Little shredded pillthe novel is now available.

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