The Tejano Music Awards Return Live at Tech Port Arena

After two years, the 42nd Annual Tejano Music Awards will return live on November 26, 2022 at Tech Port Arena in San Antonio.

The Texas Talent Musicians Association has announced a huge lineup that includes Da Krazy Pimpz, Eddie Gonzalez, Homeboyz, Isabel Marie, Jay Perez, Monica Saldivar, Ricardo Castillon, Shelly Lares, Stefani Montie and Sunny Sauceda.

A segment of young artists will also be presented. The feature will bring in some of the best emerging talent in Tejano music, according to the TTMA.

The long wait for the awards was felt by many, especially by Frank Salazar, who is the Vice President of the Tejano Music Awards. Salazar told TPR what the event means to the community.

“It means a lot to our community to keep our music going because it’s the music that was born in Texas, but it belongs to the Hispanic people. It’s American music that was born here in Texas. Has a German background where does the music come from with the accordion,” he said.

The Tejano Music Awards will take place at Tech Port. The recently opened venue has hosted some of the most exciting artists in the music industry, including The Smashing Pumpkins and Kevin Gates.

Salazar explained the purpose behind choosing Tech Port Arena as the venue.

“It’s centrally located to the West Side and South Side communities where most Hispanics live and they do programs for the Hispanic community in that area. They have a place where they have computers set up for the kids to come in and play to games and enjoy using computer systems,” he said.

Salazar also noted that the location was part of the Kelly Air Force base where many people, including his father, were hired to work.

“It’s really helped the community and ultimately, especially the Mexican American. So that has a special meaning, not just the location, but the fact that they’re right in the middle of a Hispanic area.”

Salazar expressed his deep love for the Hispanic community and kept music and the Tejano Music Awards alive.

“It’s a worthwhile program that deserves to be maintained. It’s music that will never die, and we have to recognize the artists who play Tejano music, because if we don’t recognize them, there are other award programs but we are the premier Tejano Music Award program and I think their community would miss trying to have a good representation of what Tejano music is and their work as an artist for the music industry.”

Ticket sales will be announced soon.

To learn more about the Tejano Music Awards, visit the Tejano Music Prize website.

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