Unus Mundus’ One World, plus more music news and gossip

HEAVY IS LIKE HEAVY: It’s been two and a half years since we heard new music from rockers Unus Mundus, but that all changed last month. The band, made up of longtime Athenian musicians Steve Fitzpatrick and Rob Fluhrjust released a new album called one world. Working with a purse aesthetic that includes shades of Melvins and Black Sabbath, Unus Mundus shines best with unapologetic, standard-arrangement rockers such as the opening track “Tanks and Trucks.” They carry this totem through similar tracks like “Hope” and “Seared”. Doom, heavy rock fans shouldn’t be disappointed, but if this describes you and you’re still disappointed, maybe it’s time to take some personal inventory and find out exactly what your problem is. Find this version on unusmundus.bandcamp.com. and be a friend at facebook.com/TheeUnusMundus.

SOME FRIENDS ARE REALLY ELECTRIC: Jon Lester, who has spent literal decades making Athens music history, is working under a new project name, and that name is toxic patriarch. It’s easily one of my favorite projects he’s ever done, and I’m personally grateful that he continued his productivity for so long. Toxic Patriarch is all-electronic, and Lester is adept at creating in the spaces of house, disco, boom bap, electropop, and other related genres. His latest single was released in April and is titled “Say Farrah”. Let your fingers tread toxicpatriarch.bandcamp.com and plan to camp there for a while.

COME SAIL: These boys in Nix the Scientist have released a new single following the one released last month. This new one is called “Puzzlebox”. While their previous single, “Eyes Up,” clearly reminded me of early Genesis, this new one sits squarely at the intersection of Todd Rundgren and Styx. Maybe the next one will sound like Donna Summer and Foghat? Who knows? But these guys are going through the 1970s with songwriting success so far, so why not? Check it out on Spotify and follow the band on nixthescientist.com.

RATE-A-RECORD: Pop/rock duet Dooley and Baldwin releases his EP Welcome to Dawgtown last month. The six-song release is centered thematically – as one might imagine – around the beloved Bulldogs of the University of Georgia and Athens in general. However, not all of the songs really lean that way, as that sentiment is mostly present in the title and main track of the EP “Tailgate”. Musically speaking, most of these songs are based on a strong and catchy riff. I was also surprised how pretty and complete the piano melody is on “The Woes Of Youthful Worry”. Highlights here include “Can’t Put Me Out”, “Til Morning”, and “Your Firey (sic) Red Hair”. Find this on Spotify.

ALWAYS ON: Elf Power will celebrate the release of his latest album, Artificial campaignsSaturday July 30 at 40 Watt. Nihilistic Cheerleader and the one in Chicago ER Jürken are also playing tonight. This is the band’s 16th LP, still under the direction of the founder and songwriter Andre Rieger, has published. Elf Power has been a constant concern for nearly 30 years and continues to be a focal point and gateway for music fans interested in Athens rock and roll. This new album is courtesy of the longtime North Carolina label Yeah rock. Find the new disc online or in stores, and for more information, visit facebook.com/elfpower.

SAINT-SAËNS SAYS SO MUCH: OK, y’all, I had to mention it because it’s so cute. Based in Athens Fox Music Education will be the host Musical story time in the park Saturday, July 30 morning at 10:30 a.m. at Memorial Park Playground. The event is aimed at children aged 4 to 8, but anyone can attend. It’s also free. They will read animal carnival, a contemporary version of which was published in the Story Orchestra book series, and whose music was composed by Charles-Camille Saint-Saëns. Kids will also enjoy a Q&A session on the material, and one lucky participant will go home with a copy. For more information, please visit facebook.com/foxmusicinstruction.

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