Vicious celebrates 30 years in the music industry

The label that launched the careers of a legion of profile players, including Avicii, Madison Avenue, Peking Duk and Dirty South, is celebrating 30 years in the music industry. Their success carries forward an enviable list of today’s top producers and top players.

To celebrate this flagship label, Vicious will release a collection of singles and remixes and a full compilation sharing its immense history with a modern twist. Their previous catalog which includes Avicii, Madison Avenue, Dirty South, Cabin Crew and MrTimothyhas been remixed by the biggest names in dance, including: Don Diablo, Mark Knight, Joshwa, PAX, Spencer Parker, Hotmood, PAX, Sgt Slick, Super Disco Club, Soul Central, KPD, Cassim and The Cube Guys. Accompanied by a documentary, an Australian tour and European pop-up events, Vicious 30 is quickly gearing up to show the world its direct impact on club music culture, flexing its impressive history and ability to rock the music. world.

Founded in 1992 by Australian electronic music icons Andy Van (Madison Avenue / Super Disco Club) and Course John (along with friend Colin Daniels), Andy and John remain at the helm of a fiercely independent label with massive global impact.

Recognized as Australia’s premier independent label, they have been responsible for over 800 releases, including many #1 in UK and Australia, ARIA awards and backed by millions of streams. You will find a list of highly respected industry names in their enviable catalog, some of their highlights include:

  • Discovered and developed by Andy Van, the late Avicii released his first ten singles with the label, including his first Beatport #1 “My feelings for you” (made with Sébastien Drums)
  • legendary DJ Carl Cox teams up with Mark James (ex-Future entertainment big boss) and Course John to create the third version of Vicious “Eternal”
  • Ground floor “Dreams of Heaven” became the label’s first-ever international release and spearheaded a string of notable positions.
  • Twice Grammy and ARIA nominated producer dirty south landed his first releases on Vicious
  • Hitmakers Madison Avenue first achieved worldwide success with the album “Polyester Embassy” and celebrated their worldwide hits “Don’t Call Me Baby”. (number 1 UK pop chart + winner of ARIA single and best dance release)
  • The Australian Phenomenon Beijing duke achieved 3 platinum singles on the Vicious imprint and sister label ‘Be Rich Records’ won ARIA Dance Release of the Year

“We started Vicious out of pure passion for music and where we are now is beyond what we could have imagined. We’ve delivered chart-topping songs and developed some of the best talent in the world from Avicii to Madison Avenue. and also released some quality underground music along the journey, including early works by Carl Cox and Ground Level.A lot of this happened at a time when people didn’t know what to make of the electronic music and that’s something we’re very proud of.Course John

“When we started in 1992, electronic music was just beginning in the US and UK, we were without the internet at the time, but despite being thousands of miles away, we created a unique sound that was born in Australia and then hit the rest of the world.”Andy Van

Vicious and their collection of in-house labels have proven to be a constant source of breakthrough talent since its inception in 1992. Early vinyl releases were signed by highly influential brands including: Warp Records and Faze 2 Recordings United Kingdom, Sound recordings in the United States (at the time the home of an emerging artist called Moby). Their recent pop dance label Outgoing Music launched last year and released drag queen duo Jawbreakers’ debut EP. Rising to widespread acclaim and once again appearing on massive festival lineups, the Vicious signatures prove their ability to navigate multiple markets.

For a label with such an impressive history and contribution to the scene, we only see this as the beginning, so stay tuned.

Watch the official teaser below.

Listen to the mini mix below.

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