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Steps are planning a West End musical based on their songs.

The dance-pop group – which includes Faye Tozer, 46, Claire Richards, 44, Lee Latchford-Evans, 47, Lisa Scott-Lee and Ian ‘H’ Watkins, both 46 – plan to port their songs to stage. in the form of a musical jukebox, with Lisa explaining that they have a “fantastic back catalog” that would lend itself well to the world of acting.

Lisa said: “It’s something that excites us as a band and we think we have a fantastic lineup that would really lend itself to a West End musical, and so we’re in talks. That would be an amazing thing. for a dime. do because we have all these wonderful highlights, from winning a BRIT Award to selling all these arenas and number one albums.”

However, the musical won’t be based on the band members themselves – who first formed in 1997 and found success with hits such as ‘Tragedy’ and ‘Stomp’ before breaking up in 2001, but have released three brand new albums and staged a series of sold-out arena tours since reuniting in 2011 – and Lisa went on to explain that the gang will be “involved with the creatives” and write and produce the show itself.

She told the Daily Star’s Wired column: “The majority of us love theater and love that side of it, but I wouldn’t suggest we all act it out ourselves. It would be great to be behind the scenes , involved in the writing, and involved in the creations. When we shoot, that’s what we do. People probably think that we go on stage and perform the show, but we produce the show with our creative director and our management team.

Meanwhile, Steps recently released their Platinum Collection to celebrate their 25th anniversary and Lisa added that the ‘great thing’ about it is that it incorporates their classic hits with newer songs such as ‘Scared of the Dark’. and “Something in Your Eyes”. new albums “Tears on the Dancefloor” and “What the Future Holds”.

She said: “It’s not just a greatest hit, it’s also got new music. What’s great about us is that we didn’t just come back and keep playing. old hits. We’re actually making music and releasing new albums and I’m proud of new music – we all are because it’s really current. The fans are going to love it.”

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