“You’re Really Losing Money” – Chlöe Bailey Talks Music Industry Truths

Photo credit: Terrell

Chlöe Bailey chats with Terrell Grice about the music industry and how hard it is to be successful.

During an episode of “The Terrell Show,” Chlöe explains why it’s harder for some than others. “Musicians don’t make a lot of money in the music industry,” Bailey told Grice about 28 minutes into the episode. “That’s why you see a lot of people – they have brand deals and brand sponsorships because that’s where the play comes from. And on tour. But with the music itself, you actually lose money,” adds Chlöe.

She also shares with Terrell Grice some of the surprises she has discovered while producing music.

“Do you want to know anything else? I learned that because I was producing records for my sister and me. Outside producers will receive a huge lump sum. But, because I was producing records for my sister and I, I couldn’t get paid because I was a producer in the band,” Chlöe shares.

“The nice thing is, even if you lose money in the music industry, you get a piece of whatever comes from the music you make,” Chlöe continues. “So music is almost like advertising. It’s a company. And it’s sad to think of it that way, but that’s why touring is gaining momentum – that’s where you make your money. And the big brands do business.

Chlöe Bailey says the same stipulation prevented her from being nominated for “Producer of the Year” at the Grammys. She admits she’s not sure if the rules have since changed, given how many changes the awards show has gone through behind the scenes in recent years.

Chlöe Bailey is also working on an exclusive Peacock show called Praise This. She plays the role of the newest member of a community church choir. While Bailey’s character pushes the members in a more modern musical direction, her involvement with an irreverent hip-hop star could launch her own music career. The film is slated for release in 2023.

“I want to win an EGOT – Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony. It’s like, my main goal. If anybody asks me, I’ll just say that,” Bailey shares on her future. Her debut album is officially done, but there’s no official word on a release date yet.

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