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YUNGBLUD joins Zane Lowe live on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song “Tissues” from his upcoming self-titled album due out Friday. He tells Apple Music where the track came from, sampling The Cure’s “Close To Me” on the song, reaching out to Robert Smith for his permission to use the song, and what he loves about The Cure .

YUNGBLUD tells Apple Music about sampling the cure on new song “Tissues”…

As I entered a new YUNGBLUD vector, I felt like dancing. I remember when we were doing it, I was like, “I just wanna dance!” I remember we were writing in the studio and the session wasn’t going well, it was like midnight. I was thinking of packing it up and going home, but then we opened up a case of Bud Light, started putting on songs we liked and it happened. [The Cure’s “Close To Me”], and I was just like “yo, we should sample this” and all the producers in the studio were like “No, but the edit” and I’m like “shut the fuck up about the edit, take it off d ‘iTunes, cut it, and buckle it… let’s go. That’s what I told them, I was like “If I can somehow convince Robert Smith to allow you to do that, I don’t care. Like, I won. “It was beautiful. It’s just… I just wanted to make music on this record that my homies and I would want to listen to. That was the formula. And obviously we grew up with this song. .

Contact Robert Smith for sample approval…

Previously, I had met Robert Smith in London at the 2019 NME Awards. I am definitely the new kid on the block. The 1975s are over there and Robert Smith is over there. And I’m right in the middle freaking out like “I don’t deserve to be her.” trying to get Robert Smith’s attention and took my mom to the NME Awards. About two hours into the awards show I had lost my mom and I turn around and she’s talking to Robert Smith and I’m like “NOOOOO!” So, I walk up and I’m like “ok mum, hello Robert, honored to meet you” and he was like “I like what you do” and then I got his email through a connection , then I emailed and was like “Hello Robert Smith of the Cure… ‘Close To Me’ – probably the most iconic British beat ever. Can I use it in the song? And I was like I didn’t know what I would do if he said no. But he came back in a few days. He’s typing in all caps, Robert. He was like “HELLO DOM, YOU CAN USE EVERYTHING HERE, LOVE ROBERT. “I called my boys and said ‘I sampled ‘Close To Me’, they let me use it.” It was like a mosh pit – my boys up North were like ‘YOOOOOO !”

On what he loves about The Cure….

I put on eyeliner because of Robert Smith. They represented and personified both my happiness and my sadness. When I was a 15 year old kid in the North of England, the rain made me feel like I could express myself unfiltered without conforming. They taught me that to conform was death. When I was putting on The Cure, I was celebrating the idea that no one wanted to talk to me.

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